Limited-time Offers Available Now

Japanese Wagyu Beef

Chef Min presents you with Japanese Wagyu Beef, a state-of-art beef from carefully raised and specially cared for cattle on farms in Japan. You will be guided to explore the rare and wonderful gourmet journey of taste and flavor.

Chef’s Special:
Grilled Japanese Wagyu Beef Nigiri/ Japanese Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki/Japanese Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu/ Japanese Wagyu Beef Roll/ Japanese Wagyu Beef Steak

Notes of Attention:
1. Production site of Japanese Wagyu Beef depends on beef delivered to the Hotel.
2. These are limited-time offers and for information, please talk to our waiter/waitress.

Service Hotline: 03-620-6000 to transfer your call to Moon Japanese Cuisine/Moon Teppanyaki