Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel

Car Rental Services

Hotel guests can enjoy a car rental discount starting from NT$2,500/day

Hotel and Hsinchu HSR station car pick up and return services

For vehicle models and pricing, please refer to the IWS Rent-A-Car website
Inquiry hotline: 03 620 6000 and transfer to the service center

Service Items
We provide easy, simple car rental services so you can pick up and return vehicles from the hotel or Hsinchu HSR station for more flexibility when planning your trip.

Our Partner
IWS Rent-A-Car group was founded in 1989, with over 16 branch locations throughout Taiwan. The company offers more than 1,000 vehicles for short term and long term rental, with over 20,000 rentals per month, high customer satisfaction and a high re-rental rate of 70% (within 1 year). Since the company’s establishment, more than one million rentals have been made. The variety of new car models available will meet all of your business or travel car rental needs.