Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel

3F Grand Ballroom

Dimensions of three halls: 45M X 26.7M X 6.5M
Three halls size in square meters: 1200
Three halls capacity: 1000 to 1200 people

One hall dimensions: 15M X 26.7M X 6.5M
One hall size in square meters: 400
One hall capacity: 300 to 400 people

The Grand Ballroom is located on the 3rd floor of the East Building; it is the first column-free banquet hall with 6.5m ceilings amongst 5 star hotels in Taiwan. It is the best venue for a perfect event experience. The Grand Ballroom is 45m long and 26.7m wide, able to accommodate approximately 72 tables in a Chinese banquet or nearly a thousand people during a cocktail party. Portable screens with excellent noise-dampening properties can divide the venue into three halls according to banquet requirements. Each hall can accommodate approximately 24 12-person tables.

The Ballroom also has audiovisual equipment with a combined value of more than NT$10 million, including elevation line-array speakers, movable tracking lens, sound control equipment, laser lighting effects and live SNG connection services.

The design of the ceiling lighting was inspired by diamond rings in the shape of beautiful flower petals, combined with the Chinese character for “double happiness” across the ceiling. It is the best blessing for all of our honored guests who hold weddings, year-end banquets, spring banquets and conferences here.

Ballroom Reception Area
This area is 41.8m long and 11.4m wide, able to accommodate 500 people.
The reception area integrates concepts of traditional Hsinchu crafts and culture, creating a perfect blend of innovative and traditional, Western and local elements through imported Czechoslovakian hand-blown glass lamps and Hakka cape jasmine carpeting.

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