We Care! Coronavirus COVID-19

The Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel invites you to combat the Coronavirus epidemic, and create a safe environment

The Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel has been closely monitoring the novel coronavirus that has broken out in Wuhan and other areas.
The health and safety of the guests and our employees has always been at the top of the Hotel’s priorities. We will strictly follow the instructions announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and other relevant departments.

We have implemented measures to combat the epidemic and also enhanced hygiene throughout the hotel. We aim to provide our guests with a safe and comfortable environment.

Centrals for Disease Control Announcement

In view of the cumulative total of confirmed cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection in China is rapidly growing. Please be informed that the Hotel will evaluate the guests’ health with respect to risk of coronavirus infection before confirming whether the room and restaurant reservations are accepted. Regrettably, we will refuse reservations from guests with the following health risk concerns as well as reservations made on behalf of such guests through a third party. Room and restaurant reservations that have been completed will receive full refund of deposits.

• Those who receive Home Isolation Notice or Home-based Quarantine Notice and wish to stay at the hotel for quarantine purposes, or to dine at the hotel restaurants, hold meetings or visit the hotel.
• Those who came from the infected areas (China, Hong Kong and Macau) or transferred flights in China, Hong Kong and Macau; however the infected area shall be defined as announced by the government from time to time and are not limited to the above-mentioned three areas.
• Those who refuse to have body temperature taken or show symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, and refuse to wear masks and seek medical advice.

Creating safe indoor and outdoor environments

Employees can work with zero concerns
1.All employees are required to take measurements of their body temperature before they begin working, and must wear a mask during their shifts.
2.Comprehensively enhance the cleaning and disinfection of the work areas, employee restaurants, and employee bathrooms.
3.Increase the frequency of replenishing the sanitary and disinfection supplies, and additionally set up alcohol disinfection spray devices at primary employee hallways and work areas.

Guests can stay at the hotel with zero concerns
1.When guests enter the hotel, they are required to take measurements of their body temperature and clean their hands with alcohol-based handrub to combat the epidemic.
2.To control the infection, guests need to check the temperature again when they check in, access restaurants, fitness center, and children's games room.
3.Publications for combating the Coronavirus epidemic will be placed inside the restaurants and business locations, while automatic dry hand sanitizers and alcohol disinfection sprays will be provided to guests to clean their hands.
4.Comprehensively enhance the cleaning and disinfection of the Hotel’s environment, public areas, and toilets.
5.Partition and crisscross seating arrangement will be arranged for every meeting and event that is hosted function room.
6.Tables at the restaurant will be rearranged to keep social distance for a safe dining experience.
7.Wear mask and disinfect your hands are now mandatory. There will be no eating in the public space. Hotel staff will ask guest to leave the premises if fails to comply the policy.

For the latest information on the Coronavirus epidemic, please visit the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s official website: