Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel

Free Shuttle Service

Pick-up Time: Mon – Sun

* The schedule is only available on the weekend.
Hotline 03 620 6000 ext 6011

Shuttle Bus will be out of service from 2020/2/15

Shuttle Stops
Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel ->about 10minutes->High-Speed Rail-> about 5 minutes -> HsinWa House-> about 15 minutes -> Big City-> about 5 minutes -> ChengHuang Temple-> about 10 minutes -> Glass Museum -> about 30 minutes -> Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel

1. The shuttle bus service is available from Monday to Sunday, includes Holidays.
2. The shuttle service is exclusively for in house guests.
3. Reservations are required in advance. Please contact our Guest Service Center or Concierge desk an hour before the pick-up time.